About us

Allenby concept house was built on the belief that advertising is an art form and that brands can become amazing media content providers.

21st century marketing requires simultaneous orchestration of tools and infrastructures: storytelling, internet, media, field, creativity, content and branding.

We specialize in combining all those fields, bringing the most creative professionals out there in order to ensure the best results. Allenby is a one stop shop: it delivers all the services and solutions, starting at the building of the concept and ending with its production and implementation.

We believe that 21st century advertising is completely based on creating and producing original and designated content.

Our marketing approach doesn’t focus only on the brand, but on the community that consumes it as well.

We don’t believe in “target audience”, rather we believe that a brand has a certain community and that a community has certain needs, life and aspirations, and that the brand’s challenge is to organically integrate in them. We can identify the right community for the brand, connect to that community and develop a long and mutual relationship with it.